Commercial Gas Burner course

Highly Recommended for those wanting to specialise as Service Engineers.

Commercial Gas Burner course

  • Course overview

    This 1 day course covers the RS modulating range of gas fired burners. Candidates will be involved in the controlled live firing of an RS28 burner. The course will include Burner matching & Selection; commissioning; Servicing; Fault Finding; Use of boiler Manual.

  • Entry Requirements

    Candidates must have COCN1or CODC1 (incl. CPA1). Domestic Electrical Installer or safe islation qualification preferable but not essential.

  • Do I need this course?

    Recommended for candidates wishing to carry out commercial boiler repairs and commissioning.

  • Course content/Syllabus

    * Understanding basic electrical components across a range of boilers

    * Set & understand use of a DMM

    * Understanding ignition sequence for pressure switches, flow switches and boiler controls

    * Understanding how each of  the component of a boiler work

    *  Multi meter use and testing of components  in a competent manner

    * Understanding Manufacturers diagnostic flow charts and instructions



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