LPG ACS Boats Extension to scope Initial (On-Site) (Parent)

With the introduction of IGE/IG1,Guidance Note 8 (GN8) for ACS has been reviewed and amended. GN 8 now requires all new entrants to the gas industry to undertake appropriate training and on site experience. The revision to GN8 also includes new pre- requisite training requirements for experienced operatives intending to extend their scope or range of certification.

LPG ACS Boats Extension to scope Initial (On-Site) (Parent)

  • Course overview

    LPG ACS Boats Extension to scope Initial (On-Site)  is designed for experienced operatives who have already achieved an LPG core (e.g. CONGLP1 - PD and have over 6 months current Gas Safe Registration) who wish to add ACS LPG Categories to their portfolio. Persons wishing  to work on Boats are required to undergo Theory & Real Work Environment (RWE) training, followed by assessment by an independent assessor. 

    CCTS stipulate If you have no previous on-site experience, we will carry out RWE (Real Work Environment training & experience in accordance with GN8 prior to assessing you). To do this we will travel to site & require you to have at least 2 different boats which are available to you (one for training & one for assessment), which have the owners permission to utilise and be fully comprehensivley insured. (CCTS will accept no responsibility for organising the boats or in any unlikely event subsequent accidental damage or loss to property). 

    * We will require sight of your previous certificates and Gas Safe Registration card before you can be assessed

    * The price and indicative times of this course includes for a separate trainer & Assessor on separate days travelling to site and carrying out risk assessments before training or Assessing. All times are estimated and allow for Administration, Certification, overheads & Profit including travel & subsistence up to 80miles one way.)

    Learning outcomes and Training times have been devised and set out in conjunction with the requirements of IGEM/IG/1 and GN8 Appendix 3

    This course includes registration, Manual, training, assessment and the certification fee.

     If you do not see the ACS code you require. please contact our Customer Service Team on 02890739418  (option 1) for further advice.

    NOTE: The standards for the definition and the scope of both PD54823 2016 and BSEN 10239 2017 covers LPG systems on small craft with a hull length up to 24m (maximum 5 berth only).



  • Entry Requirements

    Operatives must have an LPG core or changeover (e.g. CONGLP1 - PD,  and have over 6 months current Gas Safe Registration) 

  • Do I need this course?

    The LPG ACS Boats Extension to scope Initial (On-Site) (Parent) course is for experienced operatives who wish to undertake commission, installation, service and repair of LPG appliances on Boats.

  • Course content/Syllabus

    Module 15 Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
    Knowledge, Understanding and Performance Module.

    The controls covered must be relevant to the LPG environment i.e. Permanent dwellings, LAVs, park homes, boats RWE being undertaken by the learner

    1. Vessel and cylinder safety requirements
    2. Vessel and cylinder siting
    3. Fire precautions and emergency procedures
    4. Pipework; including metallic and polyethylene
    5. Safety and LPG relevant legislation
    6. System design, pressure and flow control
    7. Vapour pressure and temperature relationship
    8. Commissioning and decommissioning cylinders and pipework
    9. Pressure and leak testing

    1. Appliance installation and location requirements
    2. Characteristics of LPG
    3. Fault diagnosis
    4. Flues and ventilation
    5. Safety and relevant legislation
    6. Service and maintenance of appliances

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