FGAS – City & Guilds 2079 Level 2 Training Course

Refrigeration training course by CCTS are for operatives who want to work on refrigeration and air-conditioning. Our refrigeration courses are designed and delivered with you in mind at our modern, well equipped centre in Basildon. F-Gas Training Course City & Guilds 2079 This course focusses on the major principles of Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas) and Ozone depleting substances (ODS) in stationery refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. If you work with refrigerants on a day-to-day basis and want to expand your skill set, Logic4training can provide you with the right training to meet all of the legal requirements for working with F-Gas and other ozone depleting substances. Successful candidates will be covered for leak checking, refrigeration recovery, service and maintenance and installation. Brazing pipework is also included.

FGAS City & Guilds 2079 Training Course

  • Course overview

    CCTS runs the City & Guilds 2079-11 F-Gas & Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Regulations training course. This F-Gas course is designed for those working within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry who need to meet the legal requirements for working with Fluorinated Gases, or F-Gases, and other ozone depleting substances.The F-Gas training course is for those wishing to be covered for all four categories; leak checking, refrigerant recovery, service/maintenance, and installation. Brazing pipework is also included.City & Guilds 2079-11 is an evergreen qualification and does not require renewal every three years.

  • Entry Requirements

    The F-Gas refrigeration course is for experienced operatives who work with refrigerants on a day-to-day basis. Operatives must be confident in all aspects of refrigerant handling, from both the theory and practical requirements.

  • Do I need this course?

    If you are working in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry and need to meet the legal requirements for working with Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas) and other ozone depleting substances.It is also a requirement that the company or operative (sole trader) be registered with a Fgas Certification Body for the category they wish to work with. Examples of Fgas Registration Bodies are below:-

  • Course content/Syllabus

    The F-Gas refrigeration course includes the theory behind the requirements and procedures to test, fill and recover refrigerant. Content is based upon the Fluorinated and Greenhouse Gas Regulations 2009, EC842/006 and EC303/2008.

    The following elements are covered:

    • Identify basic systems, terms, principles, units and how these relate to theory and thermodynamics of vapour compression cycles and refrigerants
    • Identify the causes and effects of global warming and climate change
    • Identify causes and effects of ozone depletion
    • Identify stationary refrigerant, air conditioning and heat pump system components, functions and leakage risk
    • Identify the hazards and safe working practices for the installation, commissioning and handling of refrigerants
    • Fabricate and examine pipework
    • Undertake pressure testing, evacuation and record completion
    • Undertake refrigerant charging, leak checking and record keeping
    • Undertake recovery of refrigerant and oil and prepare for disposal

    The F-Gas assessment consists of a multiple choice question paper, taken online and a practical assessment.

  • Need extra time to revise?

    Please Note: Your exam will take place at the end of the course. However, if you feel you require additional study time, you may choose to come back at the end of the next course (Please inform your class tutor if you wish to delay your exam time until the end of the next available course) for more information refer to our website Terms & Conditions of Service

  • Reading Material/Test book Required?

    As part of the course candidates will be provided with a copy of the CITB Safe Handling of Refrigerants (including pipework and brazing) training manual.