18th Edition IET Regulations 1 day upgrade option

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the 18th Edition? At Midnight 31st December 2018, 17th Edition Regulations expired. Existing electricians who currently hold the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (AMD3) qualification have until July 2019 to upgrade using the 1 day course.

18th Edition 1 day upgrade course

We wanted to wish you a happy new year and remind you that on 1st January 2019 the new 18thEdition Wiring Regulatoins: BS7671 came into force, following their publication back last summer.  

All electricians will need to update their qualifications to demonstrate an understanding of the changes which have been introduced to improve safety standards in electrical work.

Existing electricians who currently hold the 17thEdition Wiring Regulations (AMD3) qualification have until July 2019 to do this. Updating the qualification is straightforward, taking our one day 18th Edition Upgrade

Persons with existing 17th Edition 3 rd Amendment qualifications may choose to complete a one day course which will cover only the 18th Edition additions. Please be aware that the 60 online questions will include your knowledge of the entire BS Standards and not just the additions.

Direct Quote from City & Guilds FAQs: -"Will there be an assessment available to cover only the differences between the 17th and 18th edition? No, an agreement was made between all Awarding Organisations and the JIB that all examinations based on BS 7671 should assess that candidates are able to demonstrate understanding of all parts, not just changes between editions. In terms of course delivery, centres may wish to offer ‘update’ courses with a shorter duration that only teaches the differences between the 17th and 18th Editions. However, centres should take the necessary steps to ensure that candidates’ knowledge is up to date and sound before accepting them onto a shortened course. Candidates who take a shortened course will still need to sit the same assessment as candidates who take the full course."

If you have your 17th Edition (AMD 3) and wish to book onto our 1 day upgrade course simply book through any of our 18th Edition City and Guilds 2382-18 (Parent) and choose 18th Edition Day 3 and the online exam only (see example below):- or GET IN TOUCH and we will book it for you