MLP (Managed Learning Programme)

Package Includes ACS Qualification CCN1 (Core Gas Safety) + CENWAT (Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters) and Safe Isolation Electrics;


  • Why should I choose CCTS MLP ?

    Completing you MLP with CCTS has many advantages including:-

    * We are officially certified & recognised by IGEM (Institute of Gas Engineers & Managers) as meeting the standards of IGEM/IG/1 Standards in gas work

    * Our Price DNGA3_22 option includes the additional ACS Assessments required to become Gas Safe Registered Boiler Engineer (i.e. initial CCN1 & CEWAT qualifications worth over £1,009). 

    * Our Price DNGA3_22 option includes additional Electrical training including Safe Isolation; basic wiring including Y plans & P Plan controls essential for Gas engineers carrying out fault diagnosis. You will also be trained how to use a multimeter and other testing devices (worth over £617.00)

    * We are easily contacted and do not leave our students in Limbo whilst they are in the field completing their Portfolio of Evidence. We offer a dedicated Portfolio building mentor who will assist and steer you through the on-site portfolio evidence process. 

    * We offer an interest free Staged payment programme

    * If you do not have a Gas Safe Registered Mentor we will endeavour  to arrange a willing Mentor for your on site Work Experience & portfolio Build (DNGA3 Domestic Boilers CCN1 & CENWAT only)

    * We offer FREE re-training and one free assessment per module should a learner fail (subject to our terms and conditions)

    * We offer recognised Certificates (*For new entrants only & those not having previous recognition of Learning "RPL") which are highly desirable to future employers. *Certificates issued include:-

    * Working Safely (approved by RoSPA & IIRSM)

    * Slips, Trips & Falls (approved by RoSPA & CPD)

    * Basic Fire Safety Awareness (approved by IIRSM, IFE & CPD)

    * Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate (QCF)

    * Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (approved by CPD)

    * Manual Handling (approved by IIRSM & CPD)

    * Working at Heights & safe use of steps

    * Aluminium Mobile Towers

    * Asbestos Awareness (approved by IIRSM & CPD)

    * Fire Extinguishers (approved by RoSPA & CPD)

    * Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) (approved by IIRSM)

    * Domestic Pipework Knowledge & Understanding

    * Cylinders. Valves, pumps & Emitters

    * Water Regulations Certificate (approved by LCL Awards)

    * Basic Heating & Hot Water System Design Foundation Certificate (approved by LCL Awards)

    * Protective Equipotential Bonding

    * Safe Isolation Procedure for Electrical Installations (approved by LCL Awards)

    * PUWER Regulations (in-house)

    * Foundation Certificate in Basic Heating (approved by LCL Awards)

    * MLP Formal Gas Training completion certificate

    * ACS Qualification Certificate (approved by LCL Awards)

    ** Certificates are issued as the learner successfully completes their Modules (Sessions) and can be used as simple upload items to your Portfolio



  • Course overview

    Please note: This course has changed as a result of the publication and endorsement of IGEM/IG1 Supplement 2 several amendments have been made to the LCL Awards Domestic Natural Gas MLP and supporting documentation. The detail of the changes and guidance provided in a Technical Bulletin from LCL Awards and amended documentation are considered as mandatory and must be implemented to ensure LCL Awards and approved training centres remain compliant with IGEM/IG1 Supplement 2.

    Implementation and Transitional Arrangements
    The requirements of the revised Domestic Natural Gas MLP become effective for all new registrations as from 1st September 2022.
    Centres must register learners using the appropriate MLP code which will be identified as _22 at the end of the MLP Code e.g., D2NGA1_22. The existing suite of DNGA 1-5 codes will be switched off and no longer accessible for new registrations after 31st August 2022.

    CCTS are licenced to offer the LCL Awards Managed Learning Programme (MLP) is;

    • A structured programme of guided learning designed to meet the requirements for new entrants the gas industry
    • A recognised entry route to the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) and subsequent registration with Gas Safe Register.

    The MLP programme consists of both centre based guided learning and 'on the job' gas work experience gained whilst under the supervision of a registered gas installer, acting as the candidates mentor. (CCTS *will endeavour to arrange Real Work Placements for candidates who do not have a Gas Safe Registered mentor. Candidates undertaking DNGA3 _22 only. Students wishing to undertake other routes than DNGA3_22 will have to source their own Gas Safe Registered Mentor for the on site work experience)

    Successful completion of our packages' includes ACS Qualifications which you will need to become Gas Safe Registered

    The MLP programme is an entry route into the following industry sectors: 

    • DNGA1_22 - Domestic Natural Gas Appliances (Central Heating Boilers & Instantaneous Water Heaters, Space Heaters and Cookers)
    • DNGA2_22 - Domestic Natural Gas Appliances (Central Heating Boilers & Instantaneous Water Heaters and Cookers)
    • DNGA3_22 - Domestic Natural Gas Appliances (Central Heating Boilers & Instantaneous Water Heaters)*
    • DNGA4_22 - Domestic Natural Gas Appliances (Cookers)
    • DNGM - Domestic Meters
    • NDNG1 - Non Domestic Heating and Appliances, Pipework Installation and Commissioning
    • DLPGA1 - Domestic LPG and Appliances (Leisure Accommodation Vehicles, Residential Park Homes)
    • DLPGA2 - Domestic LPG and Appliances (Boats)
    • NDNG2 - Non Domestic Heating and Appliances
    • NDNG3 - Non Domestic Catering and Appliances
    • NDNG4 - Non Domestic Laundry and Appliances
    • NDNG5 - Non Domestic Pipework Installation and Commissioning
    • NDNGM- Non Domestic Natural Gas Meters

    * For DNGA3 only

    • You will have access to our digital, on-line  Managed Learning Programme (MLP) Portfolio and an Independent Mentor to assist you with your on-site Portfolio build. This E-Portfolio will be used to collate the on-site evidence required by the Awarding Body.

    • *If you do not have a Gas Safe Registered engineer to mentor you, we will endeavour to set you up with one. We guarantee to refund any money you have spent with us during the course, if we fail to match you to a Gas Safe Registered engineer (applies to DNGA3 Service & Maintenance route only)
    • Please note that this will be a private arrangement between you and them and you will have to provide your own travel & expense

  • Learning outcomes

    Learners will be trained in the areas appropriate to the programme entry route chosen above: These may cover:-

    • Legislation, Health and Safety
    • Combustion and its Control
    • Chimneys
    • Ventilation
    • Pressure, Flow, Tightness Testing and Purging
    • Domestic Pipework Installation
    • Electrical Systems, Controls and Components
    • Heating Design, Heat Loss and Comfort Conditions
    • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Central Heating and Hot Water Appliances
    • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Ducted Air Heaters
    • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Cooking Appliances
    • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Space Heating Appliances
    • Installation of Domestic Meters
    • Principles and Procedures of Fault Diagnosis
    • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Installations
    • Installation and Servicing of Non Domestic Heating Appliances
    • Installation and Servicing of Non Domestic Catering Appliances
    • Installation and Servicing of Non Domestic Laundry Appliances
    • Installation of Non Domestic Pipework
    • Installation and Commissioning of Non Domestic Pipework
    • Installation & Commissioning of Non Domestic Meters

    Learners will undertake formative assessments as they progress through their programme and must successfully complete a summative assessment on completion.

    Once the centre has confirmed that the learner has completed the MLP and met the on-site sufficiency of evidence requirements, a Training Completion Certificate will be issued to the learner.

    On receipt of their certificate learners are eligible to register for ACS assessments covered by the content of the MLP undertaken.

  • Pre-requisites

    The LCL Managed Learning Programme is designed for both new entrant learners into the gas industry and those who claim to have some prior experience and knowledge of the Building Engineering Services industry sector.

    Learners will be expected to have key skills Level 1 English & Mathematics.

    All learners applying for the MLP will undertake an initial assessment of their learning needs to ensure that they are able to complete the program and progress to ACS assessment.  

    All learners will be required to have a Gas Safe Registered Mentor who is qualified for the relevant ACS Codes (e.g. CCN1, CENWAT1) and must have access to 'on the job' gas work experience (Minimum 18 weeks as per IGEM), gained whilst under the supervision of a registered gas installer, acting as the candidates mentor. 

  • Assessment methods

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